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How to take a screen shot on an Android smart phone

How to take a screen shot on an Android smart phone

How to take a screen shot on an Android smart phone

With improvements in technology and the development of better, quicker, faster smart phones daily, it’s possible to take screen shots on an Android smart phone that is of high quality, easy to work and looks like the original. You just have to know how.

There is an increasing variety of apps available, ensuring that the user of an Android smart phone captures the perfect screen shot. These apps allow for hotkey, which means that when a combination of keys is pressed on the smart phone, screen shot can be activated. Voice commands or the shaking of a phone may also activate screen shot with these apps. Once screen shot is enabled, you can send friends proof of a good gaming score, show them an SMS from another friend, send through a map image or even share what your home screen settings look like.

Screenshot 1.0 is an app specifically designed for Android OS that captures an image on the screen and saves it to the SD card. It captures the images quickly and can be activated with an assigned hotkey or with a camera button. Screen Capture v1.2 is another example of a screen shot app which allows screen shots taken to be saved on an SD card and sent by email, twitter or MMS to other locations. The Drocap2 is also a screen shot app that can be activated by shaking it or with a timer or with a notification. These triggers activate the screen shot which can then be saved as a jpg or a png, depending on the user of the smart phone’s preferences.

The only limitation is that apps on the market for screen capture need the Android to be plugged in to a PC via a USB port. This can be quite restricting for a mobile smart phone when the user is on the move. The good news is that Android Development Software enables screen shots to be captured by the phone itself so that PC access is not necessary, you just have to download and install the software along with an Android USB Driver.

Once the Android Development Software has been downloaded, search for the Software Development Kit (SDK) and install it onto the PC, choosing the correct one for your specific PC. Next, when you download the Android, USB Driver, enable the USB debugging and connect the Android smart phone to the PC, which will activate the USB storage. This should trigger the installation process.

Once all the correct software has been installed, the Android smart phone will feature an Android SDK folder where you will be able double-click on a DDMS (Dalvik Debug Monitor) file, activating the Android Simulator. Once the menu bar is loaded, you will be able use screen capture from the phone and save the captured image.

It seems like quite a process, but the installation and usage of the Android Development Software are worth it if you’re somebody who likes the screen shot app. It also saves a lot trouble when it comes to connecting your smart phone every time you want to capture a screen shot.



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